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2% Deflationary Fee
There is a 2% fee on all transactions involving $FAIR. Half the fee is proportionally distributed amongst all $FAIR token holders, generating passive income. The other half is used to provide liquidity, ensuring the long term viability of the $FAIR token.

[esi fm_percentBurned cache=”private” ttl=”60″]% Tokens Burned
5,000,000,000 tokens were minted at genesis. [esi fm_percentBurned cache=”private” ttl=”60″]% of those have been burned.

Unicrypt Liquidity Locked
As a testament to the teamโ€™s faith in the project, liquidity has been locked into Unicrypt. There are no dev tokens, and the ownership of the original contract has been renounced.

Contract address on Binance Smart Chain:
0xca578afee65fd2268d383f8fc4a9fc6ae1d2def0 📋

Fair Opportunity Passive Income & IDO Launchpad

FAIRMOON’s native BEP-20 token $FAIR is a hybrid utility token. It is both a community-owned deflationary frictionless yield token and a launchpad platform token for participating in IDO launch tiers. Passive income and liquidity generation are built into the smart contract to allow token holders to effortlessly gain more tokens automatically.

Fair opportunity vetted ido launchpad audited by war on rugs

For every successful DeFi project, there are dozens of scams. The community owned and operated FAIRMOON ($FAIR) project has been audited and endorsed by WARONRUGS. FAIRMOON and WARONRUGS are partnering to develop a secure decentralized IDO launchpad on the Binance Smart Chain for new crypto projects.

IDO Launchpads connect investors with new crypto currency projects. Investors get early access to promising new projects pre-audited by War on Rugs, and new projects get to distribute their tokens and raise liquidity.

Before being listed on our launchpad, new crypto projects will undergo a thorough audit by WARONRUGS and get vetted to ensure the highest quality investment opportunities are presented to the community. While it is impossible to completely negate the inherent risks of DeFi, we want to protect our community from scams and streamline promising projects. Holding FAIRMOON ($FAIR) will be required in order to participate in launchpads and presales. FAIR will also be burned as payment for auditing services by new crypto projects.


Get early access to private presales for pre-audited projects on Binance Smart Chain by just holding $FAIR!


New crypto projects will be required to lock a percentage of their liquidity with a trusted third party before launch so that you can invest with confidence.


Holders of $FAIR tokens get access to IDO tiers and the opportunity to get into new projects fairly without whales or bots taking all of the allocations.

How to buy FAIRMOON ($FAIR)

  1. Buy BNB on any exchange that supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  2. Send BNB to your Trust Wallet or Metamask Wallet through BSC Network (BEP20)
  3. Visit Pancake Swap (v1) and enter the custom $FAIR token address or click BUY FAIRMOON ($FAIR) below
  4. Connect your wallet
  5. Set slippage to 3-5%
  6. Approve Pancakeswap to access your tokens
  7. Set the quantity of $FAIR you want to purchase
  8. Swap

To see your tokens, add the custom $FAIR token address:

0xca578afee65fd2268d383f8fc4a9fc6ae1d2def0 📋

Frequently Asked Questions



Q1 March


  • Contract creation and fair launch
  • LP tokens and 50% supply burned
  • Ownership is given to the community
  • Audited by War on Rugs
  • Website and social media established

Q2 April

Swap Migration

  • Develop Telegram price bot
  • Listing updates on CoinGecko, Coin Market Cap, Blockfolio, and Delta
  • Contract migration from v1 $FAIRMOON to v2 $FAIR
  • New website production

Q2 May

Marketing and Promotion

  • New website release
  • FAIRMOON Swap Dex App release
  • Community volunteer team applications and processing start
  • Grassroots promotion and marketing
  • Community & team expansion
  • Influencer outreach
  • Development of IDO launchpad
  • Exchange Listings

Q2 June

IDO Launchpad

  • Fair Opportunity IDO Launchpad audited by War on Rugs
  • Expansion of $FAIR ecosystem
  • Extended Marketing Campaigns

FAIRMOON Community

FAIRMOON is an international community-owned and driven DeFi project founded on the first principle of fairness. We believe that fair opportunity for individuals without discrimination is the best approach to succeed together. We focus on mutual benefit and work best when we share aligned goals and values. At the end of the day, our community wants the best for all of its members, and the community’s shared interests come first.

Our community project teams are coordinated by volunteers internally and in partnership with the War on Rugs team. We are focused on sustainable long-term goals to deliver value for our invested community members and present opportunity for all of our members regardless of one’s wallet size.

We are forming our Marketing, Development, and Community teams to divide and conquer the complex community responsibility of managing and growing the FAIRMOON project.

Marketing Team
Our marketing team consists of creative designers, artists, and social media enthusiasts. This team focuses on both project and community growth and outreach campaigns, as well as managing our brand.

Development Team
Our development team manages our website and other technical responsibilities to keep everything running smoothly and reliably. They are also working with our partners War on Rugs for IDO launchpad development.

Community Team
Our Community Team is one of our most vital teams, focused on community engagement and outreach. This team is the foundation of interaction and communication between the community, leadership, and our teams.

FAIRMOON Community Astronauts

Join us on Telegram for the party and Discord for discussion! You can also follow us on Twitter for the latest news and Reddit for community feedback!

Volunteer Applications

We welcome our community members to contribute their knowledge, skills, and experience to our project to help make FAIRMOON the best it can be!

We are accepting applications from community volunteers who would like to contribute to our marketing, development, and community engagement teams! Let us know if you are interested!

We have set up an official FAIRMOON multi-sig community treasury for donations. The community will decide how our funds are used by vote. The FAIRMOON community treasury is strictly for community goals such as marketing, advertising, and promotional campaigns like burn events, contests rewards, etc.

We are welcoming community donations for our treasury! All transactions from the community treasury will be publicly announced and transparently shared.