Token Swap Information

This page contains everything you need to know about the $FAIRMOON => $FAIR token swap contract migration that took place.

Please read through this page for answers to all your questions.

Why was there a token swap?

A tokenomics bug was discovered in the original FAIRMOON contract. This bug would have caused unfavorable liquidity events.  Due to ownership of the contract being renounced, there was no way to disable this function.  The only solution was to perform a token swap to a new fixed contract.

The new token could not simply be airdropped to existing holders because the original FAIRMOON had to be collected in order to extract liquidity value from the original locked liquidity pools in order to fund the liquidity pool for the new token.

How did the token swap work?

The token swap was a 1:1 conversion. There was an automatic swap period from April 12 – April 16. This worked through a swap contract built specifically to facilitate the FAIRMOON => FAIR token swap. Once the automatic swap was complete, the collected original FAIRMOON were all sold in order to transfer the liquidity to the new token. This is described as the liquidity pull event.

In order to accommodate those who missed the swap deadline, an additional manual swap period was created from April 16 – April 30. Unfortunately this had to be a manual process, otherwise people would attempt to cheat the process by buying the original FAIRMOON after the liquidity pull event and swapping it for a much more valuable FAIR token.

How were people notified of the token swap?

Token swap notices and information were published to the FAIRMOON website, reddit, discord, telegram, and twitter during each stage of the process.

On April 8th, the first announcement was released of a tokenomics bug in the original FAIRMOON token contract:

Soon after this announcement there were notices published announcing that a token swap would soon be held.

An automatic token swap took place between April 12th – April 16th.

Due to many people missing the automatic token swap, a manual swap period was implemented until April 30th.


What happened on Apr-15-2021 07:37:00 PM +UTC?

Roughly 4 hours prior to the automatic swap deadline the majority of the original FAIRMOON value was extracted by executing a massive sell. This is described as the liquidity pull event. This event happened early because there was evidence that someone who abused the pre-sale was going to dump all of their tokens. This person used 14 different wallets during the pre-sale to purchase 14x the posted contribution limit.

Once this liquidity pull event happened the price of the original Fairmoon token went to almost nothing, and no longer reflected the market price of Fairmoon. Only people that purchased FAIRMOON prior to this date were eligible to swap their tokens.

Who was eligible to swap tokens?

Any tokens purchased prior to Apr-15-2021 07:37:00 PM +UTC were eligible to swap.  Any wallets with tokens purchased both before and after that deadline were only given new FAIR tokens for the ones that were elgible.

When was the swap deadline?

The swap deadline was Apr-30-2021 07:37:00 PM +UTC. This was advertised on all Fairmoon media channels.

I have original FAIRMOON tokens. Can I still swap them?

No. The automatic swap and extended manual swap periods are all over. No more token swaps will be processed, even for those that would have been eligible.

Are there any exceptions to allow people to swap late who missed the deadline?

No. The automatic swap and extended manual swap periods are all over. No more token swaps will be processed, even for those that would have been eligible.

If I contact an admin on Telegram or Discord will they be able to swap my tokens?

No. The automatic swap and extended manual swap periods are all over. No more token swaps will be processed, even for those that would have been eligible.

I sent original FAIRMOON to the manual swap address. When will I receive my $FAIR tokens?

There were an enormous amount of manual swap transactions. Many of them were legitimate, but many of them were not. Some manual swaps are still being processed. You can check the status of your token swap here:


Many people sent FAIRMOON obtained far below market price after liquidity was transferred to the new contract. These tokens may or may not be returned due to the time required from volunteers to processes all those transactions. We are working on processing swaps now.

Why are my FAIRMOON/$FAIR tokens worth more/less than the amount listed on Trust Wallet/CMC/CG?

Trustwallet, Coin Market Cap, and Coin Gecko all needed to be updated to the new Fairmoon token contract.  Requests were made to each of these, but they each processes those requests on their own timeline. Some of these tools displayed odd price changes when dealing with the change from the old contract to the new one. For example, some showed -99% one day then, +6000% the next.  These are all glitches in these tools and did not reflect the actual token price.

I just bought the original FAIRMOON token by accident; what can I do?

Any old FAIRMOON purchased now cannot be swapped. You can still sell the original Fairmoon purchased and buy the correct token.

If you are holding the new $FAIR token, you are good to go for receiving passive income and will be eligible for the upcoming IDO launchpad with War on Rugs!

If you bought old $FAIRMOON after April 15, you have highly discounted tokens after we migrated liquidity, you can still sell them for BNB and get the same BNB value in FAIR minus fees

Since you are holding the discontinued $FAIRMOON tokens, you can sell them back to Pancakeswap v1 and buy $FAIR from Pancakeswap v1.

FAIRMOON ($FAIR) tokens on Pancakeswap v1:

Make sure you buy or trade on Pancakeswap v1 for accurate prices because that is where we have our official liquidity!

For your convenience


Don’t forget to add the new token address to your wallet and Pancakeswap v1!

What does v1 and v2 mean on PancakeSwap when trading FAIR?

PancakeSwap has been upgraded from PancakeSwap v1 to PancakeSwap v2. This is another layor of complication that doesn’t really have to do with the token swap, but has made things confusing. Fairmoon is using PancakeSwap v1 and will continue to do so for now. Use the links on the main page of the website for the latest way to purchase tokens.

How can I purchase the correct token?

The best way to ensure you always purchase the correct token is to go to and click the “BUY FAIRMOON” button.

How can I be notified of announcements in the future?

Follow FAIRMOON announcements and information by subscribing to our media channels on