FAIRMOON Whitepaper

FAIRMOON’s Mission

FAIRMOON is an international community-owned and driven DeFi project founded on the first principle of fairness. We believe that fair opportunity for individuals without discrimination is the best approach for us to succeed together. We focus on mutual benefit and work best when we share aligned goals and values. At the end of the day, our community wants the best for all of its members, and the community’s shared interests come first.

FAIRMOON’s $FAIR token is the cryptocurrency of the people! It was created to allow regular investors to invest in crypto and participate in a community they can trust with confidence while gaining passive income. $FAIR is a fairly launched deflationary passive income token on the Binance Smart Chain. The community itself owns the coin and its development!

We are growing our Marketing, Development, and Community teams to divide and conquer the complex community responsibility of managing and progressing the FAIRMOON project.

FAIRMOON Community Astronauts

Partnership with War on Rugs

War On Rugs (WOR) is a smart contract auditing team. FAIRMOON has partnered with War on Rugs to develop a fair-opportunity IDO (Initial Dex Offering) Launchpad that will be audited by War on Rugs.

WOR is well known for its relentless protection of the crypto space by proactively auditing and announcing all the flaws, security issues, and rug pull vulnerabilities they discover. They have historically focused on blacklisting bad projects, bad actors, and thieves. Scam crypto projects have become so commonplace in DeFi that it’s hard to keep the public aware of every scam that gets launched. This is where the partnership with FAIRMOON comes in — WOR will be able to focus on whitelisting good projects and curate vetted investment opportunities for the FAIRMOON community. Our partnership creates a safe environment to bring investors and smart contract developers together under an umbrella of fairness and security.

Our community dev team is working in direct partnership with the War on Rugs team. We are focused on developing a platform that provides sustainable long-term value for our invested community members and delivering fair opportunities for all of our members, regardless of one’s wallet size or experience.

Holding $FAIR tokens will be required to participate in the IDO launchpad platform scheduled for the end of Q2 of 2021.

War on Rugs

FAIRMOON ($FAIR) Tokenomics

🔗 Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 Token

🪐 Earn passive income by holding FAIRMOON’s $FAIR token

🌘 2% fee per transaction: 1% to holders* & 1% to liquidity

🔥 [esi fm_percentBurned cache=”private” ttl=”60″]% of the tokens have been burned

🌏 Owned and operated by the FAIRMOON community

🌗 Liquidity locked on Unicrypt

🚀 Contract ownership is renounced (coming soon)

📦 Total Supply of $FAIR is 5,000,000,000

🏡 Token Address on BSC: 0xca578afee65fd2268d383f8fc4a9fc6ae1d2def0

*Since all holder addresses receive proportional reflections from the “1% to holders” transaction, and the burn address holds ~ 50% of the total supply; 0.5% of all transactions actually get burned. Subject to change.

Total Supply

[esi fm_totalSupply cache=”private” ttl=”60″] $FAIR

Circulating Supply

[esi fm_circulatingSupply cache=”private” ttl=”60″] $FAIR

Market Cap

$[esi fm_marketCap cache=”private” ttl=”60″]

Total Burned

[esi fm_burned cache=”private” ttl=”60″] $FAIR

Current Price

$[esi fm_tokenUSDPrice cache=”private” ttl=”60″]

Last Updated

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(Updated every 15 min)


For every successful DeFi project, there are hundreds of scams. The community-owned and operated FAIRMOON ($FAIR) project has been audited and endorsed by WARONRUGS. FAIRMOON and WARONRUGS are partnering to develop a secure decentralized IDO launchpad on the Binance Smart Chain for new crypto projects.

IDO Launchpads connect investors with new cryptocurrency projects. Investors get early access to promising new projects pre-audited by War on Rugs, and new projects get to distribute their tokens and raise liquidity.

Before being listed on our launchpad, new crypto projects will undergo a thorough audit by WARONRUGS and be vetted to ensure the highest quality investment opportunities are presented to the community. While it is impossible to completely negate the inherent risks of DeFi, we want to protect our community from scams while streamlining promising investment opportunities.

Holding FAIRMOON ($FAIR) will be required in order to participate in launchpads and presales. The FAIRMOON community will get exclusive early access to private presales without whales or bots taking all of the allocations. $FAIR will also be burned as payment for auditing services by new crypto projects for added value to the FAIRMOON ecosystem. New crypto projects will also be required to lock a percentage of their liquidity with a trusted third party before launch so that you can invest in new opportunities with confidence!

We want to make sure that our invested community members are able to take advantage of fair opportunities regardless of their wallet size. We also want to incentivize and reward our loyal community members that invest with us for long-term success!

We will update our whitepaper about the following as we iron out further details with thoughtful feedback from the community and the War on Rugs development team.

  • Offering flexible whitelisting and KYC requirements
  • Tiered staking pools and allocation requirements and details
  • Staking durations, procedures, requirements, and incentives
  • $FAIR holders receiving a share of the % fee paid by newly launched projects via airdrop
  • Integration of governance

We will collect data and statistics after every launch while improving and optimizing the launchpad’s functionality and performance over time.

Projects on our launchpad will also have access to partner communities to provide more organic exposure for the vetted new projects to hit the ground running!

Known addresses:

0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead is a universal burn address used by many projects including $BNB, $CAKE, $BAKE, $BUNNY, and $FAIR. This burn address holds over $4T in burned assets as of early 2021.

0xbd77bf4bcfe28690298c6283c919a1bcb3291130 is the developer wallet, currently being used during the token migration. Leftover tokens will be burned.

PancakeSwap: FAIR 4 is the PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool address that determines the $FAIR price. 1% of the tax on transactions goes in here. Every time the token contract address has more than 1,250,000 $FAIR tokens accumulated, it sells half of them, pairs the other half with BNB, and creates more LP tokens to build the price floor. This is a PancakeSwap V1 LP, therefore all of the official liquidity provided by the project is in the V1exchange router.

Assuring you get accurate prices while exchanging tokens is why it is important to use PancakeSwap V1 to buy and trade $FAIR: https://v1exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xca578afee65fd2268d383f8fc4a9fc6ae1d2def0

$FAIR holders:

Token Code:

$FAIR Token Genisis:

Liquidity locked on Unicrypt:

Helpful Links:

FAIRMOON Project and Community Website: https://fairmoon.community/

Social Media

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fairmooncoin
Discord: https://discord.gg/RhCfUMsYVa
Medium: https://fairmoon.medium.com/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/fairmoon
Telegram: Main Discussion: https://t.me/fairmooncoin
Telegram: Announcements: https://t.me/FairmoonAnnouncements
Telegram: Price Discussion: https://t.me/FairmooncoinPriceDiscussions
Telegram: Price Bot: https://t.me/UniRocket_FAIRMOON
Telegram: Turkish Discussion: https://t.me/fairmooncoin_TR
Telegram: Spanish Discussion: https://t.me/fairmoonspanish
Telegram: Italian Discussion: https://t.me/fairmoonitalian
Telegram: Vietnamese Discussion: https://t.me/fairmoonvn
Telegram: French Discussion: https://t.me/fairmoonfrench
Telegram: Indian Discussion: https://t.me/fairmoonindia
Telegram: Indonesian Discussion: https://t.me/fairmoonindonesia
Telegram: Support Channel: https://t.me/fairmoonsupport

$FAIR Price Info:

CoinGeko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/fairmoon
CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/fairmoon/
Bogged Finance Chart: https://charts.bogged.finance/?token=0xCa578afEe65FD2268D383f8Fc4a9fc6Ae1d2Def0
Buy on Bogged Finance (BOG limit orders): https://bogged.finance/trade?token=0xca578afee65fd2268d383f8fc4a9fc6ae1d2def0
Dex.guru charts: https://dex.guru/token/0xca578afee65fd2268d383f8fc4a9fc6ae1d2def0-bsc
Poocoin charts: https://poocoin.app/tokens/0xca578afee65fd2268d383f8fc4a9fc6ae1d2def0
Goswapp charts: https://goswappcharts.web.app/?isbsc=true&tokenId=0xCa578afEe65FD2268D383f8Fc4a9fc6Ae1d2Def0
DextTools.io: https://www.dextools.io/app/pancakeswap/pair-explorer/0xcddb8cfbf46c8459a451196d259c4e0e1b75999d
FAIRMOON ($FAIR Holdings Tracker): https://www.innovativeinvestor.io/portfolio

FAIRMOON ($FAIR) Official Swap App:

FAIRMOON Swap Dex: https://fairmoon.app/


The FAIRMOON team first launched the presale of $FAIRMOON (the original token of the project) on DxSale on 03/20/2021. That presale can be seen with a wallet-connected browser here: https://dxsale.app/app/pages/dxlockview?id=42&add=0&type=lpdefi&chain=BSC. The private sale was a fair launch, where each investor could deposit 1 BNB token for a stake of 12.5M tokens. To keep the launch fair, each person was allowed only one allocation.

Soon after the public sale started, WOR announced that they had audited the $FAIRMOON token: https://twitter.com/waronrugs/status/1375964245179965447.

RedRoom Telegram AMA Interview with FairMoon:

The $FAIRMOON token launched with great success and much fanfare for the first weeks of the project. A few core FAIRMOON community leaders soon discovered a tokenomic flaw in the $FAIRMOON code’s LP function that would cause unintentional periodic price drops and informed WOR of the issue. Since the $FAIRMOON contract had been locked and ownership renounced, the original token needed to be discontinued.

Unfortunately a trusted core community leader notified an early whale investor of the bug, and they were able to dump their holdings before the teams could create a plan to resolve the contract issue. The team has since restructured to core leaders and community mangers with the highest levels of trust based on contribution to the project.

WOR decided to be as fair as possible to everyone and publicly announce the bug: https://twitter.com/WARONRUGS/status/1380286354093932545. WOR notified the public before the remaining FAIRMOON team members or community learned about this, preventing any chance of any other insider sell-offs before the public was made aware.

During the ensuing panic selloff, there was a chaotic barrage of speculation and blame around the fear and uncertainty from the resulting price action. WOR and FAIRMOON acted quickly to make a plan to save the project and community’s capital.

WOR assisted the FAIRMOON community by urgently creating an automatic swap contract where $FAIRMOON holders could swap their tokens for the new $FAIR token that fixed the previous LP issue.

During the swap process, 12 wallets claimed their pre-sale tokens out of the DxSale contract. Because these 12 wallet transactions happened nearly simultaneously, it was obvious that this was an individual who had cheated the fair launch rule of one allocation per person.

This in turn led WOR to add code to the $FAIR contract to prevent this cheating whale from bringing their massive percentage of $FAIRMOON tokens into the $FAIR token and the whale was refunded at the presale price of 1 BNB. This was a controversial move by WOR, but they acted in the best interest of the greater community by keeping the project fair and preventing one massive whale from abusively draining the project and community’s liquidity.

The community showed great trust in WOR during the process of the token swap, sending their tokens into the swap contract, knowing that WOR would have control of all of the project’s liquidity.

When WOR noticed the presale abusing whale had started selling, they knew that they needed to pull liquidity early to prevent any more whale sell-offs that were intent on draining liquidity before the teams could migrate the LP over to the new contract. WOR — quickly acting in good faith — sold the $FAIRMOON tokens back into the PancakeSwap LP to extract as much liquidity as possible and built the new $FAIR LP from this recovered BNB.

WOR and FAIRMOON decided to extend the swap migration window to accommodate all of the $FAIRMOON investors that didn’t swap before the liquidity migration. They processed all remaining cases manually.

The new $FAIR token was born in a crucible of fear, uncertainty, and doubt, but the project and partnership always held true to its ethos to remain $FAIR to the community. In the face of potential catastrophic failure, the FAIRMOON and WOR partnership won through, recovering the majority of the community’s capital and rising to the occasion to put community first.